The money that money made makes more money.
---- Benjamin Graham  


About Us

Asia Pacific Capital, Inc. (APC) is a private investment and financial consulting firm based in New York City. Its headquarters are at 14 Wall Street directly across from the New York Stock Exchange.

Our primary focus lies in the Greater China region and our mission is to connect Chinese companies and investors with the international marketplace, whether through investment, joint ventures or strategic planning. Our value is driven by our accumulated experience in financial markets and government circles as well as our strategic partnerships with China Credit Trust, China Huachuang Securities, China Donghe Group, and Asia Capital Forum. We offer access, therefore, to services ranging from banking to securities to real estate, including investment funds.

Through our financial consulting service, we line up financial resources and management expertise to form strategic partnerships for business clients and investors in both North America and China.

Our dedication rests with our mission: building a two-way investment corridor between East and West. Our strategy is to cultivate win-win situations and create mutual benefits and investment returns for our clients.




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